Basic Information/Outline

Title at funding agency: How Publication Processes Influence Research Results

Funding: Austrian Science Fund (FWF)-stand alone project (P 35575 )

Duration: 2022-2026 (started 09/2022)

Team Members: Cornelia Schadler (PI), Teresa Kucera, Nathalie Köbli, Mira Achter

Theoretical Perspective: New Materialisms/posthumanist process ontology (Barad, Haraway, Braidotti) from which we conclude that changes in the research apparatus (e.g. publication pathway) also intra-act with the other components of the research apparatus (subject-method-object/results)

Empirical project: Interviews with authors, editors, reviewers, and a comparative analysis of different publications from research projects

Objectives regarding philosophy of (social) science: Including publication processes into models of research => theoretical models of research are mostly threefold (subject-method-object). The aim is to include dissemination into this model

Objectives regarding empirical research: Defining the practices of publication in social science and how different knowledge is produced by different publication practices